The language will become muddled if the names and terms are out of sync.

And muddled language leads to chaos and failure.

Where there is chaos and failure, decency and moral standards will decline.


Confucius (551–479 BC)

Understanding is the key for collaboration and digitization of good quality.

Discussions and modelling of business processes and therein manipulated data can be maximum as good as the underlying comprehension of the matter itself.


Based on his experience, the author claims, that lacking or flawed understanding is the main cause for bad software and failed IT-projects. IT people must understand what users need (and not only what they want or ask for!). Business and management people must understand, what information they need to be able do their business, how they use this information and what they have to ask from IT-people to get real help out of software.


In this book a method and procedure is described, how mutual understanding between all stake holders can be accomplished and documented. Furthermore experiences are shared and chances and difficulties of its application are discussed.

published 2019 vdf.
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Public training given by the author:

Introduction to Information modelling 


Whitepaper Information Modeling:

A fundamental tool for leaders in digital change.


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  • I agree. A definitive read if working with data and information.
  •'re saving my life! Exactly the building block I'm missing :)

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